nattily: adverb, sprucely, elegantly, neatly, trimly, or smartly. Generally refers to dress.

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Will this be the year that I splurge and spend an inordinate amount of money on the fleece-lined No. 6 clog boots I’ve been eyeing for, oh, four years or so? We shall see. 

"Men and women can be very quickly defensive when people give feedback. I know that I’ve been defensive when people have tried to give me feedback. Sometimes I wish I had listened harder, because I think people were trying to help me, and I had my back up because I was irritated; I thought I was being criticized. But often, they were right."

Just one of the many thoughtful pieces of advice in Neha Gandhi’s great interview with Joanna Coles, which is very much worth a read. 

style: it’s like herpes. you either have it or you don’t.

—joan rivers, may she rest in peace. (via sarazucker)

(Source:, via sarazucker)

Wore a cute new dress to work for the first time. Promptly spilled salad dressing on it while eating lunch at my desk. 

It’s still only Monday. 


This Rachel Comey outfit is everything I want to look like this fall. 

This vestido from MM6 is wonderfully simple. Also, if there’s a way to resist a gray dress, I don’t know it. 

Given how lovely this summer has been so far, and how utterly horrifying last winter was, I’d be perfectly happy if it never got cold again. Unfortunately, this probably isn’t an option. So, come chilly-temperature time, I’ll be comforting myself by bumming around in these Evam Eva cashmere leggings. If you’re going to be miserable, you might as well luxuriate, amirite? 

Dear Baggu Weekend Bag,

Would you like to come on my (much-needed, utterly-longed-for) beach vacation in August? LMK.



If Sliding Doors and The Bletchley Circle had a baby, it would be Life After Life. And I would adopt that baby and love it forever. A finely crafted, multilayered historical novel that takes on the challenge of answering the question “what if?” with dizzying skill. This is truly a tour de force.