nattily: adverb, sprucely, elegantly, neatly, trimly, or smartly. Generally refers to dress.

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I bought a super cute iPhone case from Rifle Paper Co., but it’s dark green, which makes it hard to find in my bag. I’m thinking this Jordan Carlyle situation might provide a remedy. Love the sparkly drippiness. 

This JOA grey polka dot midi skirt is effectively my fashion sense in a nutshell (except obviously I’d wear it with flats, because lazy/hip injured).

Fashion Week, Super Briefly

TBH, life is so busy right now that I clicked through the shows at lightning speed in between spoonfuls of yogurt during my snack time before hurrying back to my monster to do list, the mere thought of which is enough to make me quake. 

However, what I did see, I actually really liked for the most part. As I’ve mentioned previously, I don’t always love fall fashion week—I’ve always been a Fall/Winter girl. But I liked the clothes this year a lot. Maybe it’s that as I get older I’ve learned to appreciate warm weather more (seriously, I’ve become a beach bum in my old age, which is problematic since I am pale as all get out and can’t tan), or maybe it’s just that my tastes are evolving to integrate more ethereal textures as I get older… Not sure.

What I can say was that I saw some beautiful clothes that were at once inventive and practical—directional without going to a place of making things that real women would never wear, feminine without being boring or trite. 

The Rosie Assoulin dress above embodied for me the happy marriage of creativity, whimsy and reasonable construction—both classic and unexpected. 

A couple of other shows I liked:

The Row was completely spectacular. Breathtakingly architectural. 

Carolina Herrera was unexpectedly geometrical. 

Michael Kors was sunny and fun if not particularly inventive. 

I’m hoping to have time to focus on London, Milan, Paris—we shall see!

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In case you’re wondering, September is too early to start using “It’s my New Year’s Eve dress” as an excuse to buy something glittery. 

I know because I contemplated doing exactly that over the weekend, and then I was ashamed. 

Well, hey, GAP, look at you making cute parkas. Me likey. 

Will this be the year that I splurge and spend an inordinate amount of money on the fleece-lined No. 6 clog boots I’ve been eyeing for, oh, four years or so? We shall see. 

"Men and women can be very quickly defensive when people give feedback. I know that I’ve been defensive when people have tried to give me feedback. Sometimes I wish I had listened harder, because I think people were trying to help me, and I had my back up because I was irritated; I thought I was being criticized. But often, they were right."

Just one of the many thoughtful pieces of advice in Neha Gandhi’s great interview with Joanna Coles, which is very much worth a read. 

style: it’s like herpes. you either have it or you don’t.

—joan rivers, may she rest in peace. (via sarazucker)

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Wore a cute new dress to work for the first time. Promptly spilled salad dressing on it while eating lunch at my desk. 

It’s still only Monday.