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four years.

Tumblr let me know this week that my blog is four years old. I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from updating it, due to busyness (of the work and wedding planning varieties), but I didn’t want to let this little corner of the internet’s birthday pass without marking it somehow. 

When I started this blog, I was about to graduate from college. I was terrified of leaving the cozy little universe I’d created for myself at school. Nonetheless, I was gamely gearing up to go out and try to make a career in magazines. 

Since that spring, I’ve weathered unemployment, illness, and surgery. I’ve had several jobs, which have taught me a great deal about how to be a professional, given me the opportunity to write about things about which I care enormously, and introduced me to incredible people. I’ve lost my beloved grandfather, and I miss him every day. I’ve made new friends, kept old ones, and lost a few old ones as well. I’ve deepened my relationships with care and focus, and been rewarded beyond measure. A few times, I’ve fought with people I love. I’ve laughed a lot, read a ton of great books, and discovered new places that are now dear to me. I’ve gotten engaged and celebrated, and also spent a lot of time thinking about what it means to be married and how to do it well. 

As all of these many, many things were happening, I’ve written here, sometimes more, sometimes less. Nattily has been an outlet, a place for fun and whimsy, a place for delight. It’s been a place of experimentation as I’ve worked to establish myself in the world.

If you’ve read along, I’m grateful. I hope it’s been as fun for you to read as it’s been for me to write. 

And, of course, I’m excited to see what comes next!

I’m digging the bucket bag this season. I’m particularly digging this Need Supply bucket bag, since it appears to have a detachable lining that turns into a carrying case. That is about the most useful thing on the planet when you want to change your shoes but not get street/subway grime all over everything in your purse. 

A couple weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend opening night at The Metropolitan Opera. Both the opera and the evening were wonderful.

I highly recommend this production of Eugene Onegin. Anna Netrebko and Mariusz Kweicien are extraordinary, and the direction is modern and deeply empathic (sorry, NYT, you’ve got this one wrong). 

In particular, Anna Netrebko’s portrayal of Tatiana, and by extension, Fiona Shaw’s conception of her, is spot on. Tatiana, the female protagonist of the opera, is a very private person. Opera directors and opera singers don’t always do well with characters who are shy. Opera is, of course, about a gorgeous sound that fills a house. As a result, there’s sometimes a default to having an amazing singer make a big, beautiful noise and letting her ignore the fact that she’s playing a quiet person, and that both her carriage and the tone of her big, beautiful voice (if not its volume) need to communicate that as much as the words she’s singing. 

This production doesn’t fall into the “Oh, who cares about the actual role, let’s just sing” trap. Fiona Shaw and Anna Netrebko chose to emphasize Tatiana’s shyness along with her deep passion. Netrebko used her peerless voice to create the woman, aching and timid and extraordinary, that the libretto describes. In short, hers was an exquisite rendering of a deeply interior person. 

(It doesn’t really need to be said again, but I’ll say it anyway: Anna Netrebko is breathtaking. Seriously, I was actually holding my breath at the end of one of her arias and had to remind myself that respiratory function is important.)

So, that’s what you should know about the opera. And, coming soon, I’ve got lots of photos of what people wore to the opera! (Fun fact: No one even bothers pretending not to be taking pictures of each other at opening night. It’s all out in the open.)

Behold, a little preview:


Look closely at these A Wear and River Island skirts. See that? They’ve got my name written all over them. 

As we have previously discussed, Comey likes to do mean things like make lots of lust-inducing shoes I can’t afford. While this is sad, there is happy news left in the world, in the form of these Nine West boots, which, while definitely not as sexy as the aformentioned products of Rachel C.’s genius brain, are pretty darn cute and significantly friendlier towards my credit card bill. Also perfect for walking through fields during an upcoming autumnal getaway. 

I’m pretty into these. They’re Dolce Vita.

That never happens. 

a word on fashion week.

I didn’t say anything about it because nearly everything went a little bit too far into the realm of nineties throwback. i might at some point mention some collections which were mercifully exempt.

that is all. 

I’m so in love with this pretty halo braid from OnceWed.