nattily: adverb, sprucely, elegantly, neatly, trimly, or smartly. Generally refers to dress.

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This vestido from MM6 is wonderfully simple. Also, if there’s a way to resist a gray dress, I don’t know it. 

Given how lovely this summer has been so far, and how utterly horrifying last winter was, I’d be perfectly happy if it never got cold again. Unfortunately, this probably isn’t an option. So, come chilly-temperature time, I’ll be comforting myself by bumming around in these Evam Eva cashmere leggings. If you’re going to be miserable, you might as well luxuriate, amirite? 

Dear Baggu Weekend Bag,

Would you like to come on my (much-needed, utterly-longed-for) beach vacation in August? LMK.



If Sliding Doors and The Bletchley Circle had a baby, it would be Life After Life. And I would adopt that baby and love it forever. A finely crafted, multilayered historical novel that takes on the challenge of answering the question “what if?” with dizzying skill. This is truly a tour de force. 

This dress puts me in mind of salty gray-shingled houses with weathered porches that might or might not give you splinters, and the sky gray before a storm, and the distant-but-not-too-distant sound of waves whipping up onto the beach. 

I wore a headband to work last week. In the past I’ve worried that headbands look a little bit “Hi, I’m five!” on me and consequently, I’ve avoided them. The whole band-plus-ballerina-bun thing felt quite pulled together when I bit the bullet and did it, though, and I’m thinking it should now become a regular thing. This sequined situation from Namrata Joshipura will likely end up figuring in the plan. 

Rifle Paper Co., maker of my cell phone case and lots o’ beautiful stationery, has started making wall paper. The above pattern will be featured on an accent wall in a TBD room in my future home. JFYI. 

pollen-induced sneeziness. hair that is both limp and frizzy at the same time. multi-hour plane delays due to extremely lightning-y thunderstorms.

sometimes i forget why springsummer makes me so damn happy.

and yet. the smell of happy plants. the sun. the not getting hit with a cruel blast of frigid air whenever i exit… anywhere. the smiles on everyone’s faces. the walking everywhere. the pie baking. 

let’s not beat around the (verdant) bush: it’s awesome. 

It occurs to me that I could buy several of this Madewell dress, wear one of them to the office every day (cycling them in and out of rotation for cleaning, of course) and be perfectly content.